Connecting the Omron SC-150 Scale to Allie on Android


Allie features Bluetooth integration with the Omron SC-150 commercial weight scale. This guide provides best practices to ensure seamless transfer of weight data from the scale to the Allie Android application.

In order to pair the device, please make sure you have done the following during the installation process, completing all of the following:

    • Allowed Allie to turn Bluetooth on
    • Given Allie access to ""Location", Nearby Devices", and "Physical Activity"
    • Confirmed that Bluetooth is turned on for your phone

For best results, we recommend making sure that you are using the most recent versions of Allie and that your phone's operating system is up to date. More information on checking your settings/updating Allie can be found here.

You will also need to make sure you see an option for "WEIGHT" in Allie. If you do not see this option, please with your technician or Healthcare Provider to make sure that have set you up correctly.


Pairing Instructions

  1. Turn the scale over and insert the batteries into the battery compartment. If are already inserted, remove and re-insert them
    1. The scale display will quickly flash and then go blank - you may not see this
  2. Once the scale display is blank, open the Allie application and go to Settings using the 'hamburger' menu at the top left 
  3. Select "Connected Devices". You should see an option for "Weight Scales" option and the text "None". Tap the "gear" icon to start the pairing process
  4. Locate the bluetooth pairing button on the scale. It is on the front side of the scale, near the display:
  5. Press and hold the pairing button on the scale until the "P" is flashing
  6. The scale is now in pairing mode. Tap "Continue" on Allie"
  7. You should then see a prompt on your phone to connect with the "BLESmart_xxxx" device. Select "Pair & connect" (depending on the model of your phone, the text may be slightly different).
  8. Confirm that you want to "Pair" with the scale
  9. Allie should then take you to the "Success" screen
  10. The scale screen should also update and you should soon see several "o's" and the "OK" box. This indicates the scale has successfully paired
  11. Tap "Continue" on Allie to be returned to the Connected Devices page. You should now see "SC-150" instead of "Weight Scales". You will likely see text below that indicating "Sync completed just now"

If you have issues at any point during the pairing process, please wait for the scale screen to go blank and start this process again from the beginning.

Please wait for the scale screen to go blank before taking first weight measurement with the paired scale.

How to Take a Weight Measurement

  1. Launch the Allie app
  2. Stand on the scale
  3. The display will fluctuate until it determines the weight. At this point it will flash three times.
  4. You should then see the Bluetooth icon below your weight measurement
    1. If you do not see the icon, make sure that Allie is open. If it has closed, open it, and the weight measurement should come through soon
  5. Keep the Allie application open until you see the new weight measurement has been added to your Allie profile for the day


If you go to the "Connected Devices" screen, you will likely see the text "Sync completed" and the time of your last measurement.


This text will remain until you close Allie or pair another device, at which point it will change to "Not connected" since the scale is not actively connected to Allie.


Additionally, if you take your weight but Allie is not currently open, the weight may not show up. To address this, open up Allie and tap the Bluetooth button on the SC-150. This should send any recently saved readings from the scale to Allie.

For general troubleshooting, please see here

You can also see this section on troubleshooting specific issues with the SC-150 scale.

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