Allie Android Installation Guide

Install Allie from the Play Store

On your Android mobile phone, Click on the link to Allie in the Google Play Store you received, search for "Allie Wellness", or use this link to find the Allie application:


(You can also find this by searching for "Allie wellness" in Google Play.)

Click on the "Install" button to download and install the app on your phone.

Create an account with Allie

Once Allie is installed, choose to "Open" Allie and you will be brought to a screen that asks how you want to sign up. Allie does not use passwords, so you can create a profile using your Google account, or with your email address.


Create Account via Google
Create Account with Email Address

Create Account via Google

Creating an Account with Google is very easy. Choose "Sign up with Google" and then you will be prompted to choose which Google account you wish to use to create your profile. Most people will probably only have one option here.


After selecting your account, you'll need to finish setting up your Allie Profile. The name from your Google account will automatically be added to your name fields - please make sure this name matches your Medical Records.


Enter your date of birth, height, weight, and your gender. Then tap "Done" to finish creating your profile.

The next step will be to Connect to your Healthcare Provider, which is covered below.

Create Account with Email Address

If you choose the "Sign up with email", enter your email and you will be sent an email to that address to use for verification.


Open this email on the same mobile device on which you intend to install Allie and click on the verification link.


This will log you into Allie and prompt you to create your profile.

After verifying your address, please enter your full name, date of birth, gender, height and weight information. This will help us correlate your information with your health records so please make sure the information you provide is accurate.


Connecting Allie to your Healthcare Provider

Next you will be instructed to "Connect to your healthcare provider" with the option to "Connect":


Choose the name of your provider to proceed:


Enter your username and password if prompted for it, or choose "Accept" to allow Codex Health to act as a Healthcare Provider.  When you finish, you'll be brought back to Allie. 

At this point you will see some permission windows. You will likely see up to 9 prompts - choose "Allow" for any prompts that appear.


(You may see prompts sent from both Allie and your phone. You can expect to see prompts for Physical Activity, Connected Devices, Nearby Devices, Location, Notifications, or Bluetooth)

Next you will see a page indicating "You're All Set!".


Please wait while an enrollment specialist will creates your Care Plan for you. You will know this has been created when you see a list of Tasks to complete for the day on the "Tasks" page.


The enrollment process is now finished. The next step will likely be to connect a bluetooth device or your CGM Cloud account to your phone. 

Turning on Auto Update

Setting up Auto-Updates for the Allie application will make sure that you are using the most recent version at all times. This is strongly recommended so you do not have to manually update as new versions may be released frequently.

1. Open up Google Play and tap the your icon in the top right, and then select "Manage apps & devices".


2. Now choose the "Manage" option - by default this will show you the most recently updated applications. If you don't see the "Allie - your wellness app" option, tap the lines next to Recently Updated to change the order.


3. In the pop-up, choose to sort by "Name".


The "Allie" app should now be near the top of your screen. Tap "Allie - your wellness app" to open up the application.

4. Now tap the three dots in the top right corner:


This will display a few options. If the "Enable auto update" box is not checked, tap it, and the box will be checked and the pop-up will close.


The application will now automatically update whenever a new version is available, ensuring that you are always using the most recent version!

Updating Allie Manually

If you checked "Enable auto update", the Allie application should update when a new version is available. You can check this by opening Allie in the Google Play store. If a new version is available, you will see an "Update" option:


Tap "Update" to update to the newest available version. You can see a list of release notes and dates here.

Setting up your Bluetooth devices

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