Adding and Editing Manually Entered Data with Allie on Android

Whenever possible, it is recommended to use your Bluetooth device each day to track your assigned Tasks in Allie. However, there may be some situations where you need to add values manually. This guide will go over how to add and edit manual values, which can be done for the current day, as well as any day in the past.

Note: If you are having issues connecting or using a Bluetooth device, this troubleshooting article may be helpful!

Tracking Manual Measurements

Manual measurements can be added for the current day, as well as any day in the past. Tap the date at the top if you need to go to a previous day and add a missed measurement.


(Note that Allie will not allow you to go to any days in the future)

There are two ways to manually enter a measurement:

  1. If the Task needs to be completed and is either overdue/due in the next two hours, there will be a "+" sign that you can tap for the Task
  2. You can also use the blue "+" sign at the bottom, which will allow you to select which Task you want to add values for (even if it is not currently due/overdue):
    android-manual_loganything1.png    android-manual_loganything2.png

A pop-up will appear for the Task. Confirm the date/time, and then enter the values. In some cases, you may need to add additional information (such as Meal Context for Glucose, or the type of Insulin you took).


(If you don't enter the required context, Allie will not allow you to save the measurement and will ask for more information):


Tap "Save" and the measurement will be saved in Allie and visible to your provider.


If you realize the value you've entered is incorrect, tap the reading. You'll see the pop-up and can make changes to values or conditions. Then tap "Save" to save the new values.


You will also see an option to "Delete" an entry that has already been entered. You can use this if the entry is incorrect for some reason (such as if it should have been entered for another day).  This will remove it from Allie and the reading will no longer be visible to your provider.


Please note that "Activity" Tasks (Step Counts) cannot be manually entered through Allie. That information will come from your phone (or Google Fit) if you are tracking your steps with your phone.

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