Connecting the Contour Blood Glucose Meter to Allie on Android


Allie features Bluetooth integration with the Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitor. This guide provides best practices to ensure seamless transfer of blood glucose data from the monitor to the Allie Android application.

In order to pair the device, please make sure you have done the following during the installation process, completing all of the following:

    • Allowed Allie to turn Bluetooth on
    • Given Allie access to ""Location", Nearby Devices", and "Physical Activity"
    • Confirmed that Bluetooth is turned on for your phone

Note: If you have previously used the Contour Next One application, you will also need to delete that application from your phone. Then go to your Bluetooth settings and "Forget" the previously connected device. We also recommend restarting your phone before proceeding with the pairing.

For best results, we recommend making sure that you are using the most recent versions of Allie and that your phone's operating system is up to date. More information on checking your settings/updating Allie can be found here.

You will also need to see an option for "Glucose Levels" in Allie. If you do not see this option, please check with your technician or Healthcare Provider to make sure they have set you up correctly.

Pairing Contour BGM with Allie App

  1. To get started, please make sure the Contour Blood Glucose Meter is turned off. If it is on, hold the button down until it beeps and the screen goes blank.
  2. Then go to the menu in Allie (this is accessed by tapping the three lines at the top-left corner)
  3. Select "Connected Devices"
  4. Under "Contour" you should see the text "None". Tap the "gear" icon to start the pairing process.
  5. This will take you to Step 1 - Make sure your meter is off and keep it near your mobile device
  6. Tap "Continue" to be brought to Step 2 - Press and hold the center button for 6 seconds until you see the blinking Bluetooth symbol. A blue light should blink when you are in pairing mode.
  7. When you see the blue blinking light on the contour, tap "Continue" in Allie
  8. You should see a notification on your phone asking you to "Pair and Connect". Tap that
    and then confirm you wish to pair
  9. You should now see a "Success" page in Allie. You can tap "Continue" to leave the pair screen.

This will return you to the "Connected Devices" screen. You should now see that text indicating "Sync completed just now".


Uploading Blood Glucose Readings to Allie

Now that the Contour is paired to Allie, your future readings will be automatically sent to Allie. They will then be visible for your healthcare provider.

To upload a reading

  1. Make sure that you have Allie open
  2. Insert a strip into the Contour. You should then see this screen indicating it is waiting for you to take a reading:
    If you do not see this screen when inserting a strip, please make sure your Contour is connected per the instructions above
  3. Apply blood/control solution to edge of strip. Try to use a single drop and make sure it is applied to the edge as best you can
    1. If the device beeps and shows you this image, it needs more blood/control solution to take a reading
  4. If the device is starting to take a reading, it will beep and show you a countdown
  5. Your current Blood Glucose will then be displayed on the Contour screen
  6. This reading should then be visible in Allie shortly afterwards (it may take up to a minute for it to display). Once it is visible in Allie, it should be available to your healthcare provider soon.

If you have multiple readings for the day, the most recent readings will display near the bottom.

If you keep the Contour on and go to "Connected Devices", you'll see "Sync completed just now" or the time of the last synchronization. This will change to "Not connected" when the Contour is turned off (which you can do by removing the strip, or using the button to turn the display off).


For general troubleshooting, please see here

You can also see this section on troubleshooting specific issues with the Contour blood glucose meter.

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