Connecting the Accu-Chek Guide Blood Glucose Meter to Allie on Android

Allie features Bluetooth integration with the Accu-Chek Guide blood glucose meter. This guide provides best practices to ensure seamless transfer of blood glucose data from the monitor to the Allie Android application.

Note: This article is for the Accu-Chek Guide


In order to pair the device, please make sure you have done the following during the installation process, completing all of the following:

    • Allowed Allie to turn Bluetooth on
    • Given Allie access to "Location", Nearby Devices", and "Physical Activity"
    • Confirmed that Bluetooth is turned on for your phone

For best results, we recommend making sure that you are using the most recent versions of Allie and that your phone's operating system is up to date. More information on checking your settings/updating Allie can be found here.

You will also need to see an option for "Glucose Levels" in Allie. If you do not see this option, please check with your technician or Healthcare Provider to make sure they have set you up correctly.

Removing Existing Connections Before Pairing with Allie

Patients who have used another application to synchronize data from their Guide will want to disconnect the Guide from that application. For example, if you've used MySugr, you can disconnect the Guide by going to

  1. Going to "Connections"
  2. Selecting the Guide (it should be at the top of the list)
  3. On the following page, tap ap "Disconnect"
  4. Then tap "Confirm" on the following page

You can now delete MySugr or any other application you've used as Allie will be the point of record for future glucose readings and other healthcare communications.

Next, you will then need to update the glucose meter itself and remove any existing connections. 

Please follow these steps with your Accu-Chek Guide to resolve:

  1. Go to "Settings" and then "Wireless"
  2. Scroll down to the "Pairing" option and select it
  3. Choose "Delete Pairing"
  4. Select the paired phone and choose "OK"
  5. You'll then see the "Deleted:" confirmation text

You can now start the pairing process in Allie as described below.

Pairing Accu-Chek Guide BGM with Allie App

  1. Make sure the Guide is off, and then go to "Settings" at the bottom right corner
  2. Select "Connected Devices"
  3. Choose "Blood Glucose Meters / CGM" 
  4. Select the "Accu-Chek Guide"
  5. This will take you to Step 1 - Press and hold the OK button to turn on the device 
  6. Turn the Guide on and then tap "Continue" in Allie to be brought to Step 2 - From the Main Menu select Settings and tap on the OK button
  7. Go to the "Settings" option on the Guide and then tap "Continue" in Allie, bringing you to Step 3 - Select the Wireless option from the Settings menu
  8. Choose "Wireless" on the Guide. The Guide will display a prompt to "Pair Now".
    Note - If you instead see menu options, this means the meter is already paired to a device. Please follow the instructions below to unpair the phone and start again
  9. Choose "Continue" in Allie to be brought to Step 4 - Select Yes from the Pair Device menu
  10. Select "Yes" on the Guide and then tap "Continue" to confirm you are ready to pair the Guide
  11. The Guide will display a 6-digit code and Allie will display a "Pairing device..." screen
  12. Your phone will next show a "Pairing request" pop-up. Tap "Pair & Connect"
  13. Enter the 6-digit PIN from the Guide's screen into your phone and tap "OK"
  14. Allie will indicate it is currently "Pairing". After a few seconds the Guide will update to indicate it has paired with your phone:
  15. In Allie, you will see the "Success" confirmation. You can tap "Done" to leave pairing mode

This will return you to the "Connected Devices" screen. The Accu-Chek Guide will appear in this section, along with the "meter+xxxx" device ID, and text indicating your meter is "Connected" or that the "Sync completed just now".


Uploading Blood Glucose Readings to Allie from Guide

Now that the Guide has been paired to Allie, you will be able to send your glucose readings to Allie, which will then be visible to your healthcare provider.

To upload a reading:

  1. Make sure that you have Allie open
  2. Insert a strip into the Contour. You should then see this screen indicating it is waiting for you to take a reading:
  3. Apply blood to the edge of the strip. Try to use a single drop and make sure it is applied to the edge as best you can. When enough blood has been applied, you'll see that the Guide is now "Analyzing"
  4. When the Guide has finished analyzing your blood, it will display your current Blood Glucose and the option to "Add Comment". We recommend providing this context whenever possible
  5. Press "OK" on the Guide. From the next screen, use the arrows to choose the appropriate comment, and then press "OK" again to apply it to your reading. If you do not add context, you'll be asked to add it when the reading is sent to Allie (see below)
  6. You'll then see your reading with the new comment. Press "OK" to send the reading to your phone
  7. The Guide will indicate it is "Connecting" to your phone
  8. The reading is now being sent to Allie. You will see a brief "Glucose Levels logged" animation confirming the reading has been saved. The progress bar and number of tasks completed at the top will also be updated.
  9. If you expand your completed Tasks, you'll be able to see the reading has been saved with the appropriate time and context. The Bluetooth icon will display to indicate this reading came from a connected device
  10. You can then turn the Guide off by holding down the "OK" button (or wait a little while and it will turn off automatically)

NOTE: If you send the reading to your phone without adding context in the Guide, Allie will prompt you to add context to your reading when it is received.


Once the measurement is visible in Allie, it will then be available shortly for your healthcare provider to review as needed. 

If you are only expected to check your glucose once a day, you will not see any more glucose tasks for the day. However, if you take another blood glucose measurement, the new readings will be added to the "Completed" section. 

If you return to the "Connected Devices" page, you should see text indicating how long ago the last sync from the Guide was.


For general troubleshooting, please see here.

Manual Data Transfer

If the data transfer into Allie does not work, you may or may not see the following error:


If the readings are not showing up, you can force the Guide to send any recent/un-synchronized reading to your phone by taking these steps:

  1. From the main menu, choose "My Data"
  2. Scroll down to the "Data Transfer" option and select it
  3. Then select the "Wireless" option
  4. The Guide should then indicate it is transferring the data

You should then see the new readings in Allie for the appropriate day(s).

Troubleshooting Assistance

For general troubleshooting, please see here

For Codex/Allie Support, please submit a ticket here or email

If your reading is not synchronizing, please see the Manual Transfer section above.

Additionally, here are some settings to check to ensure your Guide is synchronizing correctly with Allie. These screens can all be accessed by going to Settings --> Wireless in the Guide:


Ensure "Auto-Send" is On

If the Guide does not try to send readings to Allie, make sure that you have turned Auto-Send On. This is the setting that automatically sends readings after tapping "OK"


Ensure "Sync Time" is On

If the time set on your device is ahead or behind the current time, Allie will attempt to use your phone's time when determining when a reading was taken. 

In addition to this, if you have Sync Time On, the Guide will automatically update to your phone's time the next it connects.


E7 battery error

If you repeatedly see this error message, your device may be faulty.


First, try unpairing and re-pairing the device. If the error continues, you will want to replace the Guide.

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