Tracking Daily Tasks in Allie for Android

Daily Tasks: Allie Android

In addition to helping you track Measurements such as Glucose Levels and Blood Pressure, Allie App can help assist in tracking Medications, Exercise, and even Symptoms. Your health care provider will determine which - if any - of these you should track using Allie App.

Once your health care provider has updated your Careplan to reflect Medications, Exercise or Symptoms (etc) needed, you'll see them in your Allie App under "Today", and also in your Careplan. To track a Medication, simply click on the circle to indicate you've completed this task in "Today". Once tapped/completed, you'll see the circle change to black with a white check mark. If your Careplan requires you to take a medication more than once a day, you'll continue to see it as a "to do" item until it's completed. 


Other Tasks: Examples

The same instructions apply to Exercise. Simply tap the black circle once you've completed the daily exercise specified by your health care provider. Symptoms can be a little different - symptoms require you to select Mild, Moderate or Severe in addition to selecting the type of symptom. Symptoms are typically taken throughout the day, so they will appear in your "Today" page for you to note as needed.


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