Tracking Daily Tasks in Allie for iOS

Daily Tasks: Allie iOS

In addition to helping you track Measurements such as Glucose Levels and Blood Pressure, the Allie App can help assist in tracking Medications, Exercise, and even Symptoms. Your health care provider will determine which - if any - of these you should track using the Allie App.

Once your health care provider has updated your Careplan to reflect Medications, Exercise or Symptoms, you'll see them as both "Tasks" and part of your "Plan" in Allie. 


(Note - if you do not see an expected "Task", it may be due in the future, in which case it will be found in the "upcoming tasks" section of the screen).

To indicate that you've taken a Medication, tap on the "+" sign next to the Task. This will display a pop-up with an option to edit the time you took the medication. Tap "Taken" to indicate you've taken this medication.


This will move the Task to the "completed" section of Allie.


If for some reason you enter this by mistake, you can tap into the completed Task and make changes. You will also have the option to "Delete" which will move the Task out of the "complete" section.


You can do the same with the Lifestyle Tasks (the most common example being "30 Minutes of Morning Exercise". Tap the "+" sign to display a pop-up where you can indicate when you finished the Task, and then tap the "Completed" button.


The Task will then move to the "complete" section of the page.

Symptoms can be tracked at any time throughout the day and will indicate they are "Due Anytime".


Tap the "+" sign to display a pop-up where you can select your symptoms from a drop-down menu and indicate the severity of the Symptom, then tap "Save".


This moves the Symptom into the "complete" section of the page.

Please note: At this time, Symptoms can only be noted once per day, but this will be updated at a later date to allow you track multiple Symptoms in the same day.

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