Adding or Editing Manually Entered Data with Allie on iOS

Whenever possible, it is recommended to use your Bluetooth device each day to track your assigned Tasks in Allie. However, there may be some situations where you need to add values manually. This guide will go over how to add (and edit) manual values. This can be done for the current day as well as any day in the past.

Note: If you are having issues connecting or using a Bluetooth device, this troubleshooting article may be helpful!

Tracking Manual Measurements

When opening Allie, you will be brought to the Tasks screen for the current day. You can use the arrows to navigate one day at a time:


or tap the Date to display a calendar that will allow you to go to a specific day.


Note that Allie will not allow you to go to any days in the future.

Every Task that has been assigned and has not been completed will be visible from the default Tasks screen. Bluetooth data automatically synchronizes to Allie for any assigned Tasks.

If you want to manually add a measurement, use the "+" sign next to the appropriate Task to display a pop-up where you can enter your information:


Please note: In order to manually enter a result, you will need an "uncompleted" Task for that measurement for the day. At this time, if you have completed all the required Tasks for the day, you will not be able to manually enter new results. However, any additional readings taken with a bluetooth device will still be sent to Allie.

The popup will show you today's date and the current time. You can actually use this to track Tasks that were performed on a previous day by tapping the date and then selecting the appropriate date.


You can also tap the clock to change the time the Task was performed.


Enter your readings into the appropriate fields. In some cases, additional context will be required when entering your data. For example, if a glucose reading was taken while Fasting, Before a Meal, or After a Meal:


(If you don't enter required context, Allie will ask you to update that information before you can proceed)


When you are finished, tap "Save" and the measurement will be added to Allie in the "Completed" section. This information will also then be available for your Healthcare Provider to review.

If you want to view a completed Task, use the arrow to expand that section:


Tasks that are required will have a "check-mark" next to them, whereas Tasks that are not required will not.


You can change anything about a manual entry as needed. Simply tap the Task to see the pop-up.


Make your changes and then tap "Save" to update the measurement.


If for any reason the entry is incorrect, you can also "Delete" the entry altogether.


(If you delete a required Task, that will move the "Due" Task back to the main section of the Tasks page).

Please note that "Activity" values (steps) cannot be entered into Allie. They will come from your phone (you can manually add them to Apple Health, which will then display them in Allie).

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