Allie iOS Installation Guide

Install Allie from the App Store

On your Apple device, open the App Store (which should be installed by default) and click on the magnifying glass icon to Search for Allie Wellness.

Alternatively, click on this link from your Apple device: 

Tap Install to download the application and install


If prompted, sign into your Apple account to authorize the download. For Apple ID troubleshooting, visit Apple's Troubleshooting and Support page.

After installing Allie, you will have the option to sign up using your Apple ID, Google account, or email address.


If you see a request to allow Allie to Use Bluetooth initially, choose "OK".


Create an account with Allie

Once Allie is installed, choose to "Open" Allie and you will be brought to a screen that asks how you want to sign up. Allie does not use passwords, so you can create a profile using your Google account, or with your email address.


Create Account via Apple
Create Account via Google
Create Account with Email Address

Create Account via Apple

Creating an Account with your Apple ID is very easy. Choose "Sign up with Apple" and then you choose "Continue with Passcode" from the pop-up.

Enter your phone's passcode (or use another authentication method) to finish signing in. You'll be brought to the Profile page. Fill out your profile with name, date of birth, height, weight, and gender. You can edit this information later in Allie as needed. Please make sure your name matches the one on your medical record.


After clicking next, please proceed to Connecting Allie to your Healthcare Provider by clicking this text.

Create Account via Google

Creating an Account with Google is very easy. Choose "Sign up with Google" and then you will be prompted to choose which Google account you wish to use to create your profile. Most people will probably only have one option here.


On the next screen, enter the password for your Google Account (it may be saved in your phone's settings as well), then tap "Next".


After selecting your account, you'll need to finish setting up your Allie Profile. The name from your Google account will automatically be added to your name fields - please make sure this name matches your Medical Records.


After clicking next, please proceed to Connecting Allie to your Healthcare Provider by clicking this text.

Create Account with Email Address

If you choose to create an account with an email address, enter your email and tap "Sign up".


You will then receive an email with a login link so you can verify your email address.


Please note that Allie does not use passwords, so if you are logged out, you'll receive another link to access Allie in the future.

Next, fill out your profile with name, date of birth, height, weight, and gender. You can edit this information later in Allie as needed.


Connecting Allie to your Healthcare Provider

After your profile is created, you will need to "Activate" Apple Health, which is necessary to send date into Allie.


Choose the option to "Turn On All" and then tap "Allow".


Next you will be instructed to "Connect to your healthcare provider", with the option to "Connect":


Choose the name of your provider to proceed:


Enter your username and password if prompted for it, or choose "Accept" to allow Codex Health to acts a Healthcare Provider.  When you finish, you'll be brought back to Allie and will see a page indicating "You're All Set!".


Please wait while an enrollment specialist creates your Starting Care Plan for you. You will know this has been created when you see a list of Tasks to complete for the day on the "Tasks" page. You may need to quickly go to another screen and then back to "Tasks" to see this. 


The enrollment process is now finished. The next step will likely be to connect a bluetooth device or your CGM Cloud Account to your phone.

Turning on App Update

By enabling App Update, your Allie application will be updated automatically to new versions when they are released. With an iPhone, you can turn on auto-updates for all applications by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings application on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap App Store
  3. Under Automatic Downloads, toggle App Updates on
  4. Your Allie app will now automatically update, keeping you using the most recent version of Allie!

Updating Allie Manually

There can sometimes be a slight delay between when a new version of Allie is released, and when your phone will update to that version. You can force an update to the newest version at any time in the following method:

  1. Open up the App Store
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top right
  3. Scroll down to the "Upcoming Automatic Updates" section
  4. If Allie is an option, select "Update" to force the application to update

If Allie is NOT an option, you are likely on the most up-to-date version available. You can see a list of release notes and dates here.

Setting up your Bluetooth devices

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