Connecting the Omron HEM-9200/9210 Blood Pressure Monitor to Allie on Android


Allie features Bluetooth integration with Omron HEM-9200T and HEM-9210 blood pressure monitors. This guide provides best practices to ensure seamless transfer of blood pressure data from the blood pressure cuff to the Allie Android application.

In order to pair the device, please make sure you have done the following during the installation process, completing all of the following:

    • Allowed Allie to turn Bluetooth on
    • Given Allie access to ""Location", Nearby Devices", and "Physical Activity"
    • Confirmed that Bluetooth is turned on for your phone

For best results, we recommend making sure that you are using the most recent versions of Allie and that your phone's operating system is up to date. More information on checking your settings/updating Allie can be found here.

You will also need to make sure you see an option for "Blood Pressure" in Allie. If you do not see this option, please with your technician or Healthcare Provider to make sure that have set you up correctly

Pairing Instructions

  1. Turn blood pressure monitor upside down and make note of PIN on the bottom of the device
  2. Open your Allie app, and navigate to Settings using the lines at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Select "Connected Devices"
  4. Under "Blood Pressure Monitor" you should see the text "None". Tap the "gear" icon
  5. You will now be on Step 1 - you can insert the batteries now to enter pairing mode. If the batteries were already inserted, remove them, tap the "Start/Stop" button 3-4 times, and then re-insert them
  6. The device should now be in Bluetooth pairing mode, with a flashing P displayed on the screen.
  7. Tap "Continue" in Allie

  8. You should see a "Pairing request" pop-up - tap "Pair & connect"
  9. Enter the PIN into the field on the "Bluetooth Pairing Request" pop-up and then tap "OK"
  10. You should then see the "Success" screen in Allie, as well as the following on the screen of your cuff, indicating the status is "OK"cuff-pair-success.png
  11. Tap "Continue" in Allie
  12. You'll be returned to the Connected Devices screen and should see the model number below Blood Pressure Monitor. It should indicate "Sync completed" and either "just now" or the time pairing was finished.

Your monitor has now successfully paired so any readings you take will be sent to Allie!

Uploading Blood Pressure Readings to Allie

  1. When you are ready to take your blood pressure, open Allie and keep it open while you take your blood pressure
  2. Wrap the blood pressure cuff around your upper arm above the elbow
  3. Press the START/STOP button on the blood pressure monitor
  4. The blood pressure cuff will inflate and then deflate. You will see the numbers go up and then back down on the cuff. This process may take up to a minute to complete.
  5. When the cuff is finished, it will display your blood pressure and resting heart rate. Make sure you also see the "Connected" icon here:
  6. When the Connected icon disappears, your readings should then be visible in Allie
  7. You can now turn off the blood pressure cuff using the "Start/Stop" button

If you go to the "Connected Devices" screen, you'll see "Sync completed" with a timestamp of the last synchronization. This will remain until you close Allie or pair another device. It will then indicate "Not connected".


For general troubleshooting, please see here

You can also see this section on troubleshooting specific issues with the blood pressure cuff.

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